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Sunday, June 7th, 2009
8:55 pm
Now I can cheer for the Dutch!
Friday, January 30th, 2009
4:13 pm
Friday, August 18th, 2006
3:11 pm
I have decided that Marmite and houmous sandwiches are the hot new recipe. Mmmm.
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
9:50 pm
Vampires temporarily sated
Well, I have made the only behavioural change I intend to as a result of the bombings in London. I have started donating blood again.
Thursday, June 30th, 2005
4:05 pm
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
10:43 pm
Well, I expected to come out Lib Dem, but can't help feeling they must be sponsoring this site! Green policies seemed to do remarkably well considering I drive a 3 litre car...

Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

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Liberal Democrat

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Labour -4
Conservative -37
Liberal Democrat 76
UK Independence Party 4
Green 63

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

The LibDems take a strong stand against tax cuts and a strong one in favour of public services: they would make long-term residential care for the elderly free across the UK, and scrap university tuition fees. They are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places, but would relax laws on cannabis. They propose to change vehicle taxation to be based on usage rather than ownership.

Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
11:38 am
Went to see We Will Rock You last night...
I was pleasantly surprised at the relatively low level of mangling to which the Queen songs had been subjected. I was also quite impressed at the quality of the singers in the production. I approved of Killer Queen's wardrobe.

But AAARGHHH - mere words cannot adequately express the awfulness of the attempts at a plot and dialogue, especially in the second half. Two pints beforehand were not nearly enough.
Monday, February 28th, 2005
9:15 am
This morning my train leaves Morden station to go about 100 yards into the tunnel, stops and we hear the driver announce:

"Welcome to another lovely Monday on the Northern Line. You may have noticed we've stopped; unfortunately the management has a policy of keeping us in the dark - both literally and metaphorically - so all I know is that I'm sitting at a red light staring at the back of the train in front, which is also sitting at a red light. Still, at least you get to read another five minutes of 'Metro'."

Well, it amused me.
Monday, February 21st, 2005
12:01 pm
Hmm, I have received an offer of tickets to We Will Rock You at the Dominion, for £25 each for the "best available seats". This is for Monday - Friday and Saturday matinees only and valid only up until March 18th. I've been casually thinking about going to see this for ages - anyone else interested in seeing it in the next three weeks?

If there's any interest I will suggest some dates...
Monday, January 24th, 2005
2:20 am
On commuting to the US in January...
The weather is not living up to the stereotypes.

The week before last I was in Las Vegas, where it rained for the first three days. In the desert.

This week I am in Orlando, Florida. I arrived to see, as expected, bright blue sky, bright sun and the obligatory palm trees. The conference organised the opening reception tonight on the hotel's artificial beach with outdoor food and drink stalls and a couple of tents. Unfortunately, if the local weather forecast and my fingers are to be believed, it was -2C out. Heeelllooo, almost in the Caribbean here!

Still can't complain about the hotel, it has the two most important (and rarest) features for such establishments...a high-powered shower that can keep a constant temperature and free broadband internet access.
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
10:18 pm
And just to prove how wrong these tests can be...
"You are a WRCF--Wacky Rational Constructive Follower. This makes you Paul Begala. You are unflappable and largely unconcerned with others' reactions to you. You were not particularly interested in the results of this test, and probably took it only as a result of someone else asking you to.

You have a biting wit and intense powers of observation. No detail is lost on you, and your friends know it--relying on you to have the facts when others express only opinions. You are even-tempered, friendly, and educated. Foolish strangers may mistake your mildness for weakness--they will be surprised.

You entire approach to life is enviable. You will raise good kids."


Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
12:03 pm
Day trips from London to Newcastle...
are an excellent way to catch up on some reading, if you go by train. I would phrase that as "an excellent way to reduce your current pile of unread books", but unfortunately I passed a Forbidden Planet between Newcastle station and the customer ;-)
Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
8:12 am
This can't be right!
My life has been rated 18:

My life has been rated:
Click to find out your rating!
See what your rating is!

But I'm sweet and innocent! Obviously I have no recourse but to kill the f**kers who wrote the test...and their families...and their pets. Then burn their house down and sow the ground with salt. Just to prove that I deserve a PG.
Sunday, January 11th, 2004
8:03 pm
Am in Las Vegas this week for a small (only 15,000 people!) internal conference that my division is holding. Wouldn't have bothered coming all the way out here for a lot of only marginally-relevant presentations, except that I am giving one of them (twice in fact).

On the plus side, the weather is sunny with nary a cloud in the sky - which is rather an improvement on London at the moment, from what I'm told.

Some other observations:

  1. The place is still as expensively tacky as I remember.

  2. Having said that, I'm glad the conference is not in Cincinnati - it was -5C when we landed there in the middle of yesterday.

  3. The lions at the MGM are still cute. Apparently they have a 9 acre ranch where they keep 29 of them and bring two in per day to do a shift in the hotel. I hope they pay them more than minimum wage.

  4. Is there no sales tax in Nevada? I bought a bottle of water for $1.99 in a corner shop (because it was twice the size of the ones which are available in the hotel room for $5) and was most confused when it actually cost $1.99.

  5. And finally...if I ever find the person who printed the conference catalogue, their days will be numbered. Looked at it to make sure that the rooms for my presentations hadn't changed and found that, no, they hadn't but that the days had been changed: from Wednesday/Friday to Monday/Wednesday. It was only a while later, after much cursing, that I realised that all sessions had been mysteriously moved back two days in the printed schedule. I expect those people who read it tomorrow and find that their Monday sessions should have been given on Saturday (before anyone had even arrived) will be even more perturbed than me.

Thursday, December 11th, 2003
3:50 pm
Have been told that I have passed the internal certification process at work, for which I have had to:

- write a 50-page case about my career history (about 4 man weeks effort I reckon)
- provide several references (which were taken up)
- be interviewed for an hour by each of three separate people
- give a presentation to a board of about 12 people on myself and answer questions

All I can say is: thank God it's over!
Thursday, November 13th, 2003
10:07 pm
More convincing...
"the meditator, philosopher, sage, wise

You can not and will not compromise your values and
have a desire to complete past things before
begining the new (you value completion,
perfection, and introspection highly). You are
a natural way-shower, sage, and seeker. You
have an appreciation of the body and the wisdom
of the earth and its natural process. You have
a deep love for beauty, harmony, and order.

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Sunday, October 26th, 2003
8:20 pm
I'm not convinced
ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

I think I'm just not treating some time-honoured institutions as their creators intended...
Saturday, September 13th, 2003
12:02 am
Excuses failing to materialise so far
Have been running three times in an eight-day period. And that interval has included two full days of rock-climbing on the sunny cliffs of Dorset. Think I'll go and lie down now...
Friday, September 12th, 2003
11:47 pm
Honest, helpful people...
Monday evening I come to the annoying realisation that I've lost my mobile phone. I narrow down the time and place to when I stopped earlier that evening for chips, in a fairly dodgy part of Southampton. So, I drive back, look around, quiz the shop staff. No luck; no surprise.

I go through the process of calling the service provider and getting the phone barred and a new SIM ordered (I have a spare crap old handset).

Next evening I get call from my step-father on a friend's mobile - have I perchance lost my mobile? Why yes, indeed I have, but how do you know? Well, it appears that someone found it outside the chip shop and took it home. Finding the SIM locked with a PIN, they temporarily substituted their own SIM to access the numbers stored in the phone. They then correctly concluded that the one labelled "Mum" might be for a close relative and they called them up.

My faith in humanity has almost been restored along with my mobile.
Friday, September 5th, 2003
10:08 pm
Went running this evening for only the second time in three years. Legs and lungs not happy with me now. No, precious, not happy at all.

Still it's a start, maybe I can get back into going at least twice a week. In _theory_ it should be simple - the park to which I used to drive to go running is now at the end of our road after our move. Somehow, I think that events will conspire (i.e. I will find convenient excuses) to make it less so.
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